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Give your business a modern and professional online presence with a high-performance WordPress website designed by WP Wheelie.

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Keep your website safe, working well, and updated without the headache of doing it yourself. Choose one of my WordPress Care Packages.

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I’m Shaun, the WP Wheelie.

Why the name?

  • WP because I am a WordPress expert
  • Wheelie because I have no legs and am confined to a wheelchair

I’ve felt the pressures of limited budgets and trying to do it all myself. But also not having the time or expertise to do so.

Yet I’ve also grown several of my own small businesses online and I would love to help you grow yours.

shaun killian the sp wheelie

Don’t worry about your website again!

Whether it is website design or ongoing website maintenance, I am here to help you!

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What people say about how I helped them!

Shaun went above and beyond to fix my website.

He is professional and has the customers’ best interests at heart! I’m incredibly happy and grateful for the service he provided.

sandy joosten

Sandy Joosten

WP Wheelie provided expert, friendly, prompt, and helpful service. Nothing was too much trouble.

An extremely positive experience, which means we will be staying with Shaun!

julia ilott

Julia Ilott

Shaun was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about all the aspects of web design.

And has many tips to make things easier for me once my site is launched.

lyndal carbery

Lyndal Carbery

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