WordPress Care Plans & Website Maintenance Packages

Don’t worry, let me look after your website so you don’t have to

Let the WP Wheelie keep your website protected, working well, updated, and backed up.


Why Choose a WP Wheelie Care Plan?

Here to help you

Knowledgeable experts

Easy to work with

Reliable and honest

Local business specialists

Prompt responses to requests

Website Maintenance is Critical!


From WordPress hardening and code updates to firewalls and spam filters, I help keep hackers out of your website and spam out of your inbox.


I continuously check that your site is working properly for both you and your prospective clients. And I act quickly when needed.


Websites without issues help build a positive perception of your business. But websites with issues leave a bad impression on potential clients.


Backups are like home insurance. They let you rebuild quickly if the worst does happen. I take daily on-site and weekly off-site backups.

The WordPress Care Plan Options


$99 / mo

Regular Backups

Basic Firewall

Malware Scanning

Uptime Monitoring

Core Premium Plugins*

Weekly Code Updates

Performance Testing

10% Off Extra Work

Australian Hosting Setup**


$169 / mo


Stronger Firewall


30 min. Content Updates

20% Off Extra Work

premium VIP

$199 / mo


Free Malware Removal

Instant Virtual Patching

60 min. Content Updates

Light Editing

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Don’t worry about the ongoing WordPress maintenance again!

I do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what really matters.

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What people say about how I helped them!

Shaun went above and beyond to fix my website.

He is professional and has the customers’ best interests at heart! I’m incredibly happy and grateful for the service he provided.

sandy joosten

Sandy Joosten

WP Wheelie provided expert, friendly, prompt, and helpful service. Nothing was too much trouble.

An extremely positive experience, which means we will be staying with Shaun!

julia ilott

Julia Ilott

Shaun was great to work with. He is very knowledgeable about all the aspects of web design.

And has many tips to make things easier for me once my site is launched.

lyndal carbery

Lyndal Carbery

Save Yourself the Time & Hassle of Doing it Yourself

A website is like a car. You need to keep it maintained rather than waiting until it is too late.

But doing it yourself takes time and expertise. Imagine you have just upgraded the PHP version on your hosting server. Then you get a message saying that the Imagick module is missing.

What do you do? Let WP Wheelie look after it.

You can’t be an expert in everything. But I am an expert in looking after WordPress websites.


If your website isn’t regularly maintained, it can lead to problems that are expensive to fix, including being hacked. And you also lose clients while this is being done.

If you maintain your own website, you take time away from more important things you could be doing. Things where your experience and expertise matter more for your bottom line.

If we built your site within the last 6 months, contact us and ask any questions you want. Then, we answer your questions, you select a care plan, and we start looking after your website.

If your site is older than 6 months, or if someone else built your site, see the answer to the next question.

  1. Assessment: We assess the state of your website. Then, we tell you essential and recommended fixes along with what they will cost.
  2. Agreement & Selection: If you agree to let us implement essential fixes (at a minimum), you select the maintenance package that’s right for you.
  3. Hosting Change: We move your website to one of our preferred, Australian website hosting companies.
  4. Fixes: We implement the fixes you have agreed to.
  5. Ongoing Care & Maintenance: We start looking after your website monthly.

Yes. We only manage self-hosted WordPress websites.

We don’t work with Wix, Shopify or WordPress.com sites. We only work with self-hosted WordPress sites.

And we don’t work eCommerce sites or sites not targeted at serving local customers.

Yes. All our website care plans include hosting from our preferred Australian hosting companies. We do not manage websites that are hosted elsewhere.

We can arrange to move your hosting if necessary.

No. We can change your domain registrar if you wish. If your domain registrar does not handle your email, it is a straightforward process.

But there is no need to change your domain registrar.

You will need to give us login details for:

  • An Administrator account on your WordPress website
  • Your account with your current hosting provider

We also to have access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

We send an invoice out on the 1st of every month. When you receive your first invoice, we ask you to follow the instructions to set up automatic payments via credit card.

We put in place services and processes that make it much harder for people to hack your website.

But just as no level of home security can guarantee your home won’t be broken into, no level of website security can guarantee your site will not be hacked.

All plans include backups, and our highest plan includes malware removal to help you recover your website if you are hacked.

Your plan includes the foundations of technical SEO.

If we didn’t build your website, we may include specific aspects of technical SEO as either essential or recommended fixes after assessing the state of your existing site.

Further SEO work is a seperate service.

We want you stay because you want to, not because you are locked into a contract. You can cancel at any time with a minimum of one month’s notice.

In that time, you will either need to migrate your website to a new host or take over paying for your existing hosting service yourself.

We happily provide all the logins and other necessary details to make this an easy process.

Inflation and other increases in our expenses mean that prices will change. This will not happen frequently.

You will be advised in advance, and you will have the option of cancelling your service.