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The Best of WordPress: What I Personally Use

By Shaun Killian


I often get asked for recommendations about what to use on a WordPress website. I cannot give any stronger recommendation than what I choose to use on my websites.

This post isn’t an in-depth review of any single thing, but rather a quick outline of what I believe is the best of WordPress. I may write up some reviews of single things in the future.


Child themes built off:

GeneratePress (free)

GeneratePress Premium (paid)


General-purpose blocks:

GenerateBlocks (free)

GenerateBlocks Pro (paid)


Hosting services

VentraIP (Australia)

Kinsta (International)

Structured Data

Schema markup & structured data blocks:

Schema & Structured Data

Image Optimisation

Image optimisation only:



My favourite font:

Nunito Sans

SVG Files

Enabling SVG drawings and icons:

SVGOMG (optimising code)

Easy SVG Support (uploading)


Caching and code optimisation:

LiteSpeed Cache (LS servers)

WP-Rocket (other servers)

Email Marketing

Emailing marketing services

sendinblue (free version)

ConvertKit (paid)

Photo Editing

Same software with 1 plugin


WebPShop plugin

Graphic Design

Emailing marketing services

Illustrator (graphics)

InDesign (eBooks)


Emailing marketing services

SEO Framework (plugin)

ahrefs (service)

Here’s why …


I use GeneratePress because it well-coded, and therefore helps webpages to load quickly. Why is this important? The main reason is that it gives people who visit my site a better user experience. Google understands this, and therefore ranks my webpages higher (the side-benefit).

But there are also other fast-loading themes, such as Astra, Neve (my daughter’s name) and Kadence. I don’t dislike these themes. In fact, I haven’t tried them, but codeinwp reports that they load very quickly.

The reason I stick with GeneratePress is the amazing support both from the GP support team and the GP community of users. This links to my decision to buy the GP Premium. It has some wonderful features that I love, but a part of me just wanted to support the wonderful GP team.


I use GenerateBlocks because they are lightweight and you can combine them to design just about any layout. There are 4 blocks.

However, they are built for designers with at least a basic knowledge of CSS. If you are willing to invest the time, you can learn how to use them well – but they may not be for everyone.

I use GenerateBlocks Pro because it has some really cool features + once, again, I want to support the GB team. My favourite features ATM are are CSS effects. But my advice is to use them consistently and sparsely (but I do love to play with them).

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